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Saṃsthāna is the concept for a progressive sustainable living community.

Help Raise Funds

We are currently looking for additional funds to make the dream of Samsthana a reality, and achieve the goals of setting up the first sustainable permaculture community in Sri Lanka. As per the ideology behind the conception of this idea, we reject the mainstream capitalist economic model and believe in giving and taking as needed. Hence, any investment into the development of the community (land purchasing, infrastructure etc.) will not be accepted on the basis of having to pay returns on investment or interest. Money coming into the community apart from generated revenue will be accepted on donation basis and donors will have access to live in the community once built and a share in the harvest in return.

If you feel aligned with our values and our vision for Samsthana, and have the means to help us work towards our goal then we present you with more than an investment opportunity, but the opportunity to be a part of a pioneering mission to create a system that society and humanity needs.

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